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Welcome to IKEngineering

We at IK Engineering speciaillse in the design and production of engine components for road and competition use. IK Engineering can produce small batch runs of items such as crankshafts, con rods, pistons, throttle bodies and Inlet / exhaust manifolds.

We also have an extensive selection of stocked items to cover engines such as Ford cross flow, Pinto, Cologne and the Cosworth BDA, BDG,YBB, Zetec, Ultima. 

“We are able to back-up our supply of specialist components with a variety of services to ensure they are being used to their maximum potential". 

These services include:

Engine balancing for improved performance and engine life with reduced friction.

Cylinder head development and flow bench testing - including porting polishing and flowing, valve inserts, multi-angled valve seats, etc. with proven performance gains being shown on our Superflow 120 flow test bench.

We have over 30 years experience in building various forms of Motorsport, road, race and rally engines and would be happy to discuss your requirements.




We can make parts....

If you don't see what you are after, please contact us. We can custom fabricate 1-100, no job too small or big.

New Products......

These are the latest products available. Please contact us for info...

6. D. Burton Maclaren​​

7. F. Alanis Ferrari​

8. N. Rosburg Mercedes

9. S. Febbel Red Bull​

10. D. Burton Maclaren​​

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