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Our Team

IKEngineering was formed in 1983.

It was a progression of what started out as a hobby and very quickly grew into a very busy business supplying engines and tuning parts for the likes of superstox and hotrods quickly followed by all formulas involved with autograss racing in the south of England.

Very early on we purchased a rolling road to keep all tuning work in house. By 1987 we had powered all autograss classes to class and championship wins for year after year. It got to the point we built various cars with test engines to develop products for the following seasons and smash holes through the rule books in order to have certain items and vehicles banned in order to reduce costs for others. We were the first to build competitive turbo charged and  4wd autograss cars in order to have them banned.

By now we were supplying many National hotrod and Pollyrod engines and components and to this day still do in the Classic hotrod formula which still uses the venerable and still much loved Ford x.flow engine. This spread over into the world of Rally.X where again we dominated with the Pinto engine as still the Cosworth BDG and derivatives were out of the reach financially to many still.

Many customers now were having us prepare there race cars to help increase the win level. Various cars have been built to show off our wares and promote engine packages.

As time has passed many projects have been undertaken for many specialist company's such as Morgan with there speed 8, Bristol cars with viper powered models, the S.A.S with there assault Range rover based vehicles and high powered Diesel land rovers. We assisted M.G cars with the engine mapping on the limited run of MGZ V8 engines for the le man test cars and production model.

In more recent years we developed many engine parts for Yamaha single cylinder Moto x engines and some of the first 500cc versions outside of the factory race team. Lately the emphasis has been devoted to the Lexus brand of vehicles produced by Toyota where for other UK based company's we have developed a large range of performance products previously deemed impossible to manufacture to vastly improve performance.

Today we can offer many services.

To view these please look at the services menu to open up these on offer.

All our products go through R & D process before sale to the public. 

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