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Steel engine kit Ford X.Flow from 1862cc to 2068cc

Ford X.Flow 1862cc to 2068cc kit

  • Ford x.flow steel engine kits consisting of forged pistons with rings, pins and clips at 84.00mm bore with either 84mm or 88mm stroke EN40B steel fully counter weighted crankshaft. Comes with "H" section EN24T steel conrods and ARP 2000 3/8" bolts as well as mains, ends and thrust bearings. Bore sizes up to 86.5mm available for 2068cc capacity. These kits will ONLY fit in Tall 1600cc 711 / AX / Motorsport block. Can be fitted to Fiesta MK1 XR2 771 block with modifications to crankshaft. Your block will need machining to accept these kits. Details available on request. A modified camshaft will be needed. Details on request.

    Bore sizes from 81mm to 87mm available to order.

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