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Lexus Toyota IS200 1GFE steel rods and forged piston kit N/A Turbo or Super charger use.

Lexus Toyota IS200 1GFE piston / rod kit

  • Steel "H" section con rods with forged piston kit to suit the Toyota Lexus 1GFE IS200 engines. The rods come with bronze bushed small ends with 18mm pin and are longer than std to enhance rod angle and torque output. Oil holes for piston cooling are incorporated as per std. ARP 2000 bolts are included as std. Pistons are forged aluminum with revised ring pack, piston pin offset and compression height to reduce piston noise and increase power from std factory design. Compression ratio is as per std. Pins are floating with wire clips rather than the std interference factory fit. Crown design differs from std to increase swirl for increased combustion efficiency and are suitably thick for turbo or supercharged applications. Bore size is 76mm (75mm std) so your block will need boring to suit. All rings pins and clips are supplied.
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