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Ford Zetec Blacktop Hotrod Super Stox water pump impeller and drive kit 

Zetec Blacktop water pump impeller drive kit

  • Engine direction water pump kit to suit the Ford Black top 1.8/2.0 and the ST170 engines. Suitable for Hotrods Super Stox Kitcars etc. Comes with new CNC machined hard anodised crankshaft and water pump pulleys to accept 3pk multi rib style belt which is supplied. New CNC machined hard anodised impellor for engine direction use. Pump gearing has been revised due to increased efficiancy of our billet impeller to underdrive pump at 75% of crank speed rather than the std overdriven item so is far more suitable for race and competition use and absorbs less power. Belt kit retains std Ford crankshaft damper pulley. Pump pulley is direct replacement for the tin std item. New bolts are supplied. Water pump impeller is a direct replacement for the std Ford plastic item. This needs removing and alloy item pressing on.
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