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Ford Zetec Blacktop top Hotrod Super Stox Lightning Rod kit car water rail kit with 88* thermostat. This compact unit bolts to rear of cylinder head and protrudes only 45mm. The housing allows fitment of a thermostat in the head/housing for far better warm up unlike most other kits which either have no prvision for thermostat or it is relocated to the front which is far from ideal.

There is provision for heater take off or coolant temp sensor in housing. This runs under the inlet manifold for easier, neater plumbing to radiator.

Zetec Blacktop water rail kit

  • Water rail kit to suit the Ford Black top 1.8/2.0 and the ST170 engines. Suitable for Hotrods Super Stox Lightning Rods Kit cars etc. Housing cnc machined from aluminium with mandrel bent tubing tig welded in, comes with silicone hose joiner, clips mounting bolts washers, spacer and 88* thermostat. This sit 44mm max from mounting face. This directs water under the inlet manifold and bolts to block. This has provision for thermostat so is suitable for road cars.
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